Baby Care

  • Baby Sleep Training- Reasons Your Baby Won't Sleep and How to Cope

    Every baby is different. But there is something common in every baby story: Sleepless night.  
    Struggle-sleep of a baby, unfortunately, is an inevitable part for you and your partner. In fact, a sleepless baby at night is pretty normal. It may continue for months.  
    Sounds like a never-ending trauma?  
    Don’t worry; it will pass. 
    However, why your baby is not sleeping, there are some potential reasons behind that. Unless you know the reason, you cannot take your next step to baby sleep training methods spontaneously.  
    Wondering Is my baby ready for sleep training? So, let's talk about the reason first and tactfully turn your baby back on the sleeping track. 
  • Ready For Baby? 9 Safety & Pregnancy Care Tips for All the Proud Mom-to-be

    I know you're actually preparing(mentally) to take care of your new angle eagerly.  
    But wait........  
    Have you learned how to take care of yourself first?  
    Your pause gives me the answer.  
    Listen, honey, Pregnancy is a long, 10-month journey (And also the most sensitive & joyful one).  
    Can't deny it!  
    Apart from the habit of eating well & go to all appointments of doctor, you should follow some golden rules of pregnancy (especially if you're expecting your first baby).  
    Not sure what am I talking about?  
    Here are some of the pregnancy care tips suggested by doctors for a healthy pregnancy journey.  
  • How to Burp a Sleeping Baby? Try these 5 handy methods (With step instructions how to burp a sleeping baby)

    How To Burp A Sleeping Baby Fast? (5 No-fail Methods For Exhausted Mom)  Ever wondered why newborn babies burp every time after being fed?   Here i...
  • What Parents Ought To Know About How To Keep Baby Warm In Crib

    Learn How To Keep Baby Warm In Crib & Say Goodbye To Your Messy Motherhood  Most parents (especially first-time moms) are worried about how to ...
  • Mom's Secret Revealed: How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller Like A Pro

    Give Me 3 Minutes – And I’ll Give You A Quick Hack Of How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller Effortlessly  What they say- A Stroller is the mother's bes...
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)-How to Protect Baby & Toddlers

    Like grownups, children are also getting affected by the virus. But they don't get sick as frequently as the grownups. Children show very mild symptoms if they get infected. Sometimes they might not show any symptoms at all. 

    But there are records of children getting severely infected with the Corona Virus.  

    They are becoming so ill that they are being hospitalized. They are being treated in the ICUs. In some severe cases, children are also placed on ventilation systems as they are facing breathing difficulties. 

    Children who already have medical conditions like asthma, obesity, and so on are much prone to get ill. They are really vulnerable and can get seriously sick with COVID-19.  

  • When To Move Baby To Own Room

    It becomes harder to move them, and it may also cause trauma in their tiny mind. Though, by taking some precautionary steps, you can move your babies to their own room.  
    Many experts and pediatricians prefer different methods for transferring babies into another room. Though, some steps are given below through separate timelines of the baby’s age. 
  • How Often to Give Baby A Bath?

    How Often to Give Baby A Bath [Suggested by Baby pediatricians] 

    Bathing a baby is totally a nervous and sensitive event to anyone.  

    Does this sound like you? 

    We think you would agree with us that bathing a baby is indeed a matter of nervousness, especially for first-time parents.  

    Also, we wouldn’t feel hesitant to say that the new parents have less idea of how often they need to bathe their baby.    

    Knowing the answer to the question “how often to give baby a bath” could be a great help to the new parents. 

    So please stay with us and follow our guidelines to become perfect moms.

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