Coronavirus (COVID-19)-How to Protect Baby & Toddlers

Coronavirus (COVID-19)-How to Protect Baby & Toddlers  

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a catastrophic impact on all spares of life worldwide.  

Don't even try to deny it! 

Food, public health, work everywhere, the pandemic has caused the impact. The infection rate is increasing regardless of people's age which is really alarming.  

The worst part? 

Even the babies are at risk due to the virus. So, we all should know how to protect them during the pandemic. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)-How to Protect Baby from Coronavirus? This is a question every parent, to-be-parents are really concerned about.  

And the concern is pretty legit as Our little ones cannot take cautious counters by themselves. So, it is up to us to help them go through the pandemic without any harm.  

It's true- Compared to the adults, children are getting affected by the Coronavirus at a lower rate with mild symptoms.  

Though the rate is very low, severe child cases are being reported. It is better to safe than sorry.  

I take precautions for saving my precious one from this deadly disease & sharing some of the tips so that you can keep your baby safe from all danger. 

Can babies get coronavirus disease? 

The Coronavirus is still spreading ridiculously all over the globe.  

Like grownups, children are also getting affected by the virus. But they don't get sick as frequently as the grownups. Children show very mild symptoms if they get infected. Sometimes they might not show any symptoms at all. 

But there are records of children getting severely infected with the Corona Virus.  

They are becoming so ill that they are being hospitalized. They are being treated in the ICUs. In some severe cases, children are also placed on ventilation systems as they are facing breathing difficulties. 

Children who already have medical conditions like asthma, obesity, and so on are much prone to get ill. They are really vulnerable and can get seriously sick with COVID-19.  

Different reactions of children to COVID-19, why? 

Kids can get infected by the same type of virus as adults. But, their response to the infection can be dissimilar. People are asking the reason for this. But even today, the answer is unclear.  

Some researchers think there are other Coronaviruses spread throughout the environment. They can cause diseases like the common cold; the disease children often fall victim to. Their immunity system might be already prepared to fight against such infections. This eventually protects them from COVID-19.  

The immunity system of kids might have a different response to COVID compared to adults. Some grownups are getting sick because their body is overreacting to the infection. This causes further damages to the adult body, and gets severely sick. The body of a child is much likely to do so. As a result, kids are getting less ill to the COVID-19 disease.  

There are many hypothesized by many researchers for the case. But the main reason is yet to found. 

Can newborn babies get COVID-19? How are the babies affected? 

The virus is affecting everyone, from babies to old citizens. The question is really something to worry about. 

When it comes to babies, they are very vulnerable to the virus. A baby's immune system is not that developed, and they have inferior airways. This makes them very likely to face breathing problems due to respiratory virus infections.  

There are several ways a newborn baby can be exposed to the virus. It can be caused during birth or by sick caregivers. In case you are already infected with COVID-19 or anticipating the test results, it is recommended to take safety measures.  

Though Coronavirus newborn risk is low, I still recommend wearing a mask and keep your hands clean.  

The baby can be kept near your bed in the hospital, but it is recommended to keep a fair distance when possible. Maintaining these steps can dramatically minimize the risk of getting your loved little one infected. 

But, if you are severely infected, you should maintain separation as much as possible from the baby. This is the best way to protect baby from covid 19 to ensure the baby's well-being. 

COVID-19 Symptoms in Kids 

The Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate. Children, full grownups, everyone can be vulnerable to the virus if not cautious. 

If infected, children can show similar symptoms as grown adults. However, the symptoms can be very mild in the case of children. They can be as mild as symptoms of a common cold.  

There are some common symptoms that can be seen among the kids. They include: 

  • Fever 
  • Cough 
  • Runny nose 
  • Sore throat 
  • Breathing difficulty 
  • Headache 
  • Fatigue 
  • Muscle aches 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Low appetite 
  • Stomach ache 
  • Nauseous

If you see these symptoms in your child, do consult your preferred doctor. Even if the symptoms are mild and you have doubts, consult your child's doctor immediately.  

Keep your child at home and separated as much as possible if you see the symptoms of COVID-19. Follow the instructions from the CDC, WHO, and your government. You can find the recommendations regarding quarantine and treatment as required. 

What can I do to protect my child during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Due to the immature immune system, small babies are vulnerable to get infected.  

Babies can get infected by the very common caregivers. Parents and other family members must be very cautious during this pandemic.  

However, if you abide by some common rules and methods, you can minimize the risks of spreading the virus. Let's learn some ways to protect your baby from this infection. 

Washing your hands 

Since you are the primary source of contact for your baby to the outside world, the first step of protection starts with you. The Coronavirus spreads mainly by human contact. Researches show you can cut the risk of spreading to a minimum just by washing your hand.  

Wondering how you can get your child to wash hand? Well, you can set it up as a part of play or mealtime and wash your hands together. You can use an alcohol-based hand run or your average soap and water to kill those infectious viruses. 

Avoid gatherings 

how to protect the baby from coronavirus when going out? 

Your adorable kid is really a matter of attraction for others. People will love to cuddle and snuggle your little one whenever they have the chance. This is also a great chance for the virus to spread in case of any encounter with an ill person. So, you should minimize the interactions between your child and other people. 

Avoid Touching Your Face 

Even unintentionally, your hands get in contact with so much stuff. With those hands, you might touch your babies. Eventually, your babies touch their faces.  

Touching the face especially the eyes, nose, the mouth, can easily transmit the virus. So, it is best to avoid touching your or your baby's face to prevent the infection. 

Maintain a Respiratory Hygiene 

Maintaining good respiratory hygiene can lower the risk of infection. When around the baby, make sure everyone is wearing a mask. Or cover their mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing. 

Consult to a Medic 

If you are feeling sick, stay at home. Keep yourself separated from others and seek medical help as soon as possible. 

Hygienic Food Preparation 

The Coronavirus can even transmit via the groceries you buy for your home. So, before you handle any raw food material, use separate tools. Also, wash your hands before and after handling.  

Stay Up to date 

The Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate. 

You will find all sorts of useful updates online, on TV, and so on. As your baby cannot read, you should be aware of all the updates and maintain the necessary protocols.  


Though the rate is low, severe child cases with the critical condition are being reported. It is up to you to protect your loved little one during this epidemic. In this article, some simple but effective steps have been provided, which are also supported by the WHO.  

How do I take care of an infant with COVID-19? 

Even if you have not started any precautions, you should get on with it. It is never too late to be cautious. Follow the steps and ensure healthy well-being for your baby. 

All you need to know about Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children 

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children or MIS-C for short is a severe medical condition that affects different parts of your child’s body. It can affect the lungs, heart, kidneys, eyes, skin, or gastrointestinal organs. The main reason behind this condition is still unknown. But, children with this medical condition were found infected with the Coronavirus.  

The MIS-C can be very dangerous. In worst cases, it can even cause death. But in most cases, proper diagnosis, Precautions for Newborns during COVID, and medication to the affected children led to cure. 

Your child can show numerous symptoms in this condition. The common ones are: 

  • Fever 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Abdominal pain  
  • Red eyes 
  • Rash 
  • Neck pain 
  • Fatigue 

In severe cases, you might have the following symptoms: 

  • Unable to stay awake or wake up 
  • Breathing problem 
  • Skin, lips, nails getting pale, grey or blue 
  • Unbearable stomach ache 

If you find your child with any of the symptoms in a severe condition, immediately go to the nearest hospital. If the symptoms are mild, do consult the child's doctor as soon as possible. 


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