How to Burp a Sleeping Baby? Try these 5 handy methods (With step instructions how to burp a sleeping baby)

How To Burp A Sleeping Baby Fast? (5 No-fail Methods For Exhausted Mom) 

Ever wondered why newborn babies burp every time after being fed?  

Here is the fact that may surprise you: 

Burp helps by expelling gas generated from swallowing air or milk. This way, stomach ache can be avoided. 

Many babies burp easily when they are awake.  

Sometimes, a baby may fall asleep just after feeding, and they don’t burp. What to do then?  

Will you make your baby awake? 

Surely not (if you hate that awful screaming). Burping a sleeping baby is not a challenging task when you know the right method of how to burp a sleeping baby. 

I will share multiple methods of burping a sleeping baby because each baby is unique. 

So, let’s begin to learn. 

Do you need to burp a sleeping baby? What is the Importance of Burping actually? 

Adults or kids can easily manage to burp their own gas while babies are unable to do this. Also, babies don’t have any control over their body parts, so they need help from others to pass their gas from the tummy. 

At this point, parents or caregivers help them to burp properly following multiple methods. This way, gas can’t build up in their tummy, and stomach ache can’t affect their health condition. 

When your baby is eating, it is common that s/he will swallow air. This air creates bubbles in the stomach, and your baby’s tummy gets filled. Your little angel will start feeling discomfort due to the presence of these air bubbles in their stomach. Then they will get a feel of fullness without completing their food. 

Since your baby is hungry but feeling discomfort in their stomach, they will stop eating and show fussy feelings. 

To let your baby, get rid of this discomfort feeling, burping is significantly essential. 

However, frequent burping is not required. As stated earlier, some babies burp easily after every mealtime. On the other hand, others may need help from their parents or caregivers. 

How to Burp a Sleeping Baby? Try these 5 handy methods (With step instructions how to burp a sleeping baby) 

 Here are my top 5 baby burping tricks that may help you to minimize motherhood stress. 

Shoulder Method 

If your baby is a sound sleeper, then this burping method is the best one. Moreover, this method is beneficial if you want to wake your baby up to continue his/her feeding. 

So how to burp a sleeping baby lying down? Here are the simple steps: 

⦁ Turn your baby straight and lean in contrast to their upper chest. At this point, support is necessary at the buttock, so put any of your hands underneath their buttocks. Make sure that your baby’s head is at the top of your shoulder. 

⦁ Now gently pat on your baby’s back. Your palm needs to be opened when patting. 

⦁ You also can rub their upper back following a circular motion if patting is delivering the expected result. 

Lightly bounce your baby when on the shoulder if you want to keep your baby awake. Light bouncing will help to bring the burp up. Is it ok to put baby to sleep without burping? Yeah,it's ok. But have an eye on your sweet one. 

Chest Method 

This method is helpful when you don’t want to wake up your baby. Your baby will surely feel more comfortable on your chest instead of your shoulder, which means your baby may remain asleep after feeding with this position. 

⦁ Gently place your baby on your chest. Place your one hand on their buttock and the other one on their back. 

⦁ Keep their legs un-stretched. Let them lay down on your chest in a curled-up position. This way, the chance of awake is less. 

⦁ Then start rubbing, using one of your hands on their back. 

⦁ How to get a sleeping baby to burp? If your baby is still not producing a burp, pat on their shoulder gently. 

Hip Method 

Do you love to breastfeed your baby when lying down? Well, this method is for you then. In this method, the caregiver or the parent doesn’t need to sit up. Also, the baby doesn’t need to be in an upright position. As a result, your baby won’t awake. 

⦁ Gradually place your baby’s abdomen on the hip. Ensure that your baby’s body is positioned lower than their head. 

⦁ Between the shoulder blade, gently pat. 

⦁ Instead, rub their back in an upward round sign. 

Arm Hold Method  

If you ask me-How to burp a newborn? 

I will probably pick this one. 

As a matter of fact, it is not recommended to follow this method for older babies. This is suitable for newborn babies. 

⦁ Place one of your arms underneath the back of your baby so that they can lay down on your forearm. 

⦁ Now the baby’s body needs to be turned carefully so that their belly is positioned on the parent's forearm with their head in the elbow’s crook. Now, you require to hold your baby steadily. For this, your hands require to be placed between the legs of the baby. 

⦁ Now use one of your hands to rub the upper back of the baby. 

⦁ After finishing, roll your baby gently on the way to the body. This way, either they will go to sleep or continue feeding. 

Lap Method 

Sometimes you need to burp your baby when sitting on a couch or chair. The lapping method is useful at this point. Also, your baby's upright position is not necessary for this method, which might be comfortable for your baby, undoubtedly. 

⦁ Sitting on a chair or couch, turn your baby slowly and let them rest on their parent’s thigh with their tummy. 

⦁ Now raise the baby’s upper body part slightly by holding their chin and chest using one hand. 

⦁ Either rub on your baby’s back following circular motion or pat slowly. 

⦁ Once finished, turn your baby back and let them rest on their back. 

How Can I Help My Baby to Get Rid of Excessive Gas? 

As you already understood that swallowing a significant amount of air is the main reason for excessive gas in your baby’s stomach. So, you have to work on this factor to help your baby get rid of excessive gas. 

Follow the below tips according to the feeding process. 

When Bottle Feeding 

⦁ Your baby can swallow more air with a bottle of fast flow. It is not compulsory to use a slow flow bottle. 

⦁ Hold the bottle to an angled position when bottle feeding your baby. As a result, air can’t get mixed into the formula or milk. 

⦁ Check the bottle’s flow before giving it to your baby. Do you know how to do this? Simply hold the bottle following an upside-down position and let a few drops come out from the bottle. If you experience a fast flow of milk or formula, be sure the nipple is damaged. 

⦁ Don’t feed your baby using a nipple with a bigger hole. 

When Breastfeeding  

⦁ Initially, milk from the breast may come out following a fast flow rate. If it happens, don’t feed your baby and wait for the breast milk's slow flow rate. Once the flow rate is steady and stable, start feeding. 

⦁ Follow different positions of breastfeeding. The comfiest spot can be a trick for you and your baby. 

How Long Does Burping Last? 

The answer to the headlined question entirely depends on the burp and your baby. Generally, burping lasts 1 or 2 minutes’ maximum. Some babies burp after they finish their meal, while some require patting or rubbing on their backs. 

What to do If My Baby Doesn’t Burp? 

Yes, it can happen when a baby swallows less air during their feeding time. 10 – 15 minutes is the normal time to try burping. Burping is not mandatory as long as your little angel is comfortable and happy. 

Bonus: 3 handy tips for burping baby fast 

Before we get into the best methods, let me share a few tips that are beneficial during the process. 

  • Keep a Burp Cloth: Spits-up may happen when your baby burps. As a result, your clothes can be ruined, So, keep a burp cloth between your baby and you. This piece of cloth will also help you to wipe off the milk that may come up again. 
  • Be Focused on the Left Side: During the burping process, your actions need to be focused on the center of the back’s left side. Your little angel’s tummy is positioned in this area. This way, releasing the burp will be comfortable for your baby. 
  • Be Gentle: Some babies burp without much of a hassle. Be gentle if your baby takes the time to burp.  

Wrapping Up 

So, are not the methods of how to burp a sleeping baby so straightforward? Burping is essential for your baby because it allows them to feel comfortable. 

However, your baby can wake up when following the above methods. You need to find the best burping methods for your baby that give him/her comfort. With a little bit of practice, you and your baby can become familiar with the methods. 

How to help a sleeping baby burp? 

Don’t be worried if your baby doesn’t burp – it is common until s/he feels comfort. Make sure to feed your baby adequately to ensure the proper growth and weight gain. Remember to consult a pediatrician every after 2 months for check-up purposes. 

Additionally, if you ever feel doubt about your baby’s health, don’t forget to make an appointment with a pediatrician. Always make sure that your baby feels comfortable. 

There is not a better thing than the smile of a baby! 

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