Mom's Secret Revealed: How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller Like A Pro

Give Me 3 Minutes – And I’ll Give You A Quick Hack Of How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller Effortlessly 

What they say- A Stroller is the mother's best friend. 

Ever wonder why? 

Whether you’re up for a quick jogging or a fast visit to the grocery store, you need a baby stroller to keep your baby safe and sound that time.  

But folding the Stroller!!!!! 

Ahhh.......... just a nightmare! 

We all have been there, right? Well, let me say this straight......... 

There are different mechanisms for the baby stroller folding system, and all of them don’t work the same way. And the good news is, there are some simple tricks to fold the baby trend stroller easily.  

Feeling curious? 

Great! Let’s get this show on the road on how to Fold A Baby Trend Stroller in a blink. 

Quick question: Is Baby Trend a safe brand? 

When you’re willing to buy something from a brand and if the brand is “Baby Trend”, you may ask, “who is the baby trend?  

Is it a safe brand to buy things for baby when your main concern is ensuring safety for your baby?” 

Well, the answer is, Yes!  

Baby trend is so far the safest brand for baby strollers. If you look back on the history of this brand, you’ll notice that they’re on the market for a long time now. Most likely 30 years.  

You heard that right, 30 years. 

Besides baby strollers, they make car seats, nursery accessories, feeding tools, and other baby-related products. 

You can say the main goal of this brand baby trend is to serve parents trustworthy accessories to take care of their baby. Meanwhile, they created different models that gave them awards. The Snap N Go baby stroller and the Sit N Stand stroller are awesome. 

They’ve been cutting the market pretty well. We observed positive user feedback on this brand from the consumers. You can rely on them undoubtedly. 

How to Fold A Baby Trend Stroller Safely: 6 Easy and quick steps to get the thing done within 3 minutes 

There are several steps to folding a baby stroller. Here are the most common steps that’ll suit your stroller perfectly. 

1. Lock the brakes safely 

Near the rear wheels, you can find a footswitch. This is basically a switch for the brakes. When you press the brake, the wheels don’t move at all. Make sure the brake switch is at the lowest position, and it won’t move. 

2. Don’t forget to lock the front wheels 

There are some models that come up with a front-wheel locker. They add this in order to prevent pivoting. Move your baby stroller, and you’ll be able to find some locks in the front wheels. Pull them up or push them down, and they’ll lock the wheels perfectly. 

How to put together baby trend stroller? 

It’s essential to check if your model has a front-wheel locker or not. If your model doesn’t have a locker, you don’t have to go through these procedures.   

3. Make sure you closed the canopy 

The canopy is one of the most important things in a baby stroller, and it’s pretty effective for your baby. It basically covers the seat and puts a shadow on your baby. It protects your new-born from sunlight and harmful rays. 

How do you adjust a Baby Trend stroller? 

You need to close the canopy, and when you’re doing it, you need to make sure that the strings of this canopy are detached carefully. Some of them have frames installed. If your model has a frame in the canopy, make sure to fold it carefully. And that's the simple trick for baby trend stroller wont collapse. 

4. Collapse the seatback 

Now, it’s time to fold and close the seatback. Tilt it in the opposite direction to collapse. Some models require securing with a lock. 

5. Clear the trays for baby and parents both 

There are baby trays and parent trays in a stroller. These are basically for easy access and easy feeding. In these trays, you can keep food for babies and your accessories. You need to make sure that these trays are totally empty and cleared before you jump into the section of folding the whole stroller. 

  1. Fold the stroller gradually

When everything is done, and you cleared everything from the trays, closed the canopy, you can fold your stroller carefully. You can do the folding process by holding the back of your stroller. There’s a lower handle, hold it. Now, the bottom edge should be pulled near the wheels. 

Beware of pulling your hands back out of the structure and stroller frame in case you crash your hand or finger. Now, when it’s folded correctly, lock the shafts of your stroller, so it remains folded and in place. Some strollers come up with powerful springs that can pull the stroller automatically. So, it’s important to lock your stroller. 

Hopefully, you got the answer to How do you fold a Baby Trend travel stroller. But keep in mind......... 

You need to do it carefully, as a baby stroller is a sensitive thing to deal with. 

How to fold baby trend sit and stand stroller? 

The Sit N Stand baby stroller comes up with a one-hand folding technology that is easy to deal with. Whenever you feel like folding the stroller, you just need to follow these steps. 

  1. There’s a one-hand folding button on the stroller. Use that to fold the stroller instantly. This button is in the middle of the handlebar. 
  2. Now, you have to twist the handle while you’re pressing that button, and you’ll push the stroller towards the opposite direction it’s holding.
  3. When you pushed it hard, it’ll start folding on its own. When folding done, make sure you locked the stroller in position.
  4. You can also use your other hand for closing or folding. Just hold the front part of the stroller and bring it towards you.

How to fold the Baby Trend Tri-Fold Mini Stroller? 

When you’re willing to fold your Baby Trend Tri-Fold Mini Stroller, there are some easy steps to fold it carefully. 

  1. First, push the footrest and bring it down.
  2. Now, hold the button in the middle of the handlebar and bring the handle towards you.
  3. Almost done, push the stroller forward. It’ll collapse eventually.

How to fold the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger or running Stroller? 

In terms of the Expedition Jogger Stroller, you need to follow these steps to fold the stroller.  

  1. You can find red buttons on both sides of the handlebar. You need to press these buttons and unlatch them. Now, you need to push the stroller towards you. 
  2. When you pushed it firmly, it’ll start folding. Gold it gradually and give it a shape. 
  3. Make sure you locked the stroller before you run into any jogging or shopping. 

How to fold the Baby Trend Expedition ELX stroller? 

When you’re willing to fold a Baby Trend Expedition ELX stroller, you need to follow some easy steps.  

  1. Push the button in the middle of the handlebar. How do you use Baby Trend Snap and Go? While you’re pushing this button, you need to hold the stroller front part. 
  2. Now, you need to use both hands to fold the stroller carefully. 


So, this is how to fold a baby trend stroller Tango.  

When you’re struggling with folding issues for your baby stroller, you can take help from this article. 

And the best part? 

All these steps are pretty easy and DIY kinda steps. You don’t need any tools or accessories.  

These steps don’t work on every brand, but they will be suitable for baby Trend brands and different models. Don’t push the stroller extremely hard. There are chances of breaking down.  

But please note: 

Make sure you have every precaution taken while you’re intending to fold the stroller. Take good care of the brakes and wheels. In some cases, the frame or the structure of the baby stroller is sensitive. 

Happy parenting! 

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