Ready For Baby? 9 Safety & Pregnancy Care Tips for All the Proud Mom-to-be

I know you're actually preparing(mentally) to take care of your new angle eagerly.  
But wait........  
Have you learned how to take care of yourself first?  
Your pause gives me the answer.  
Listen, honey, Pregnancy is a long, 10-month journey (And also the most sensitive & joyful one).  
Can't deny it!  
Apart from the habit of eating well & go to all appointments of doctor, you should follow some golden rules of pregnancy (especially if you're expecting your first baby).  
Not sure what am I talking about?  
Here are some of the pregnancy care tips suggested by doctors for a healthy pregnancy journey.  
9 Pregnancy Care tips (Golden Rules) For Taking Care of You & Your Baby  
During the first 6 to 12 weeks of your pregnancy, your body goes through many changes (even though you can't feel).  
So, learn to put yourself first and take these pregnancy care tips as the bible verses for the next couple of months. So, what are the 10 tips for a healthy pregnancy? Let's see the pregnancy tips for first-time moms & do and don'ts in early pregnancy.  
#1 Eat well!  
Sounds silly?  
Not at all. I want you to tell you something straight-no matter how much prenatal vitamin you take, nothing compares to healthy eating.  
If not for you, at least take good food for your unborn (for God's sake). So it’s time to make a nutritious food plan. And don’t forget to add a good portion of:  
  • Protein (Must)  
  • The requires vitamins and minerals  
  • good fat (I mean healthy types)  
  • complex carbohydrates (Make sure it’s organic)  
  • fiber and fluids  
#2 Say no to alcohol & smoking (at least for a couple of months)  
No one really talks about this seriously (and I wonder why), but it’s really can have a great impact (sadly, it’s bad).   
Drinking alcohol, especially in the first Tri semester, can seriously affect your baby’s development. And I don’t think you want to happen this for your precious little one.  
Make sense now?  
That’s not all; this drinking habit can increase the risk of miscarriage, having a chance of low birth weight, and even can lead to a premature baby. So, at least for few months, say goodbye to your wine glasses.  
At the same time, Smoking is also harmful to the unborn child. Quit smoking can save premature birth (SIDS), miscarriage, and other uncertain outcomes.  

      #3 Get comfortable clothes & shoes  
      maternity clothing may not be a good choice for style, but it’s a matter for prenatal care. Wear loose pregnancy clothes doesn’t always mean boring, ugly gowns; these can also be cute.   
      What should I follow in early pregnancy?  
      And when it comes to comfortable stuff for maternal, Cubzub is my favorite place to go. From their Pregnancy Lovely outfit to upcoming babies' clothes, it becomes a heaven for pregnancy-related stuff.  

      #4 Nap, Nap, Nap........Get enough sleep  
      If you want to avoid pregnancy complications, say goodbye to your older owl mode & go to bed early.  
      As simple as it sounds!  
      Lack of sleep means you’re actually inviting trouble on your healthy pregnancy journey. Not only exhausted, you gonna likely to face overwhelmingly tired for unnecessary reasons. You don’t want to make your unborn lives' miserable, isn't it?  
      So go to bed early. If you’re facing issues like swelling or legs/feet numbness, the U-shape pillow can help you here. These comfy sleeping accessories are specially designed for your motherhood journey.   

      #5 Learn how to manage stress  
      Pregnancy itself is super stressful.  
      No doubt about it!  
      The bad news is it can negatively affect you & your baby’s health. So, the very first habit you need to adopt is managing stress.  
      I know it’s easy to say but way much difficult to do.  
      Meditate is so helpful at this time. If you’re not a fan of meditation, start with the breathing method. You can try the Pregnancy Anti-Stress toy also. No worry, squeeze your ball without having a single care in this world!  

      #6 Exercise to Keep your body active (But don’t overdo)  
      If you were physically active before this pregnancy journey, you could continue this healthy habit.  
      The difference is you have to do this in moderation while pregnant. Not only it will be beneficial for giving extra stamina for labor, but it reduces the chance of gestational diabetes.  
      Haven’t heard the name of this diabetes before?  
      It’s diabetes that usually develops during pregnancy time. So, keep your body active. I usually recommend the women to go for light or moderate type of exercises like walking, swimming, yoga, or anything moderate. It’s not just an early pregnancy care tips, quite handy for everyone.   
      #7 Staying hydrated while pregnant  
      Anyone can become bad dehydrated (if you take enough water), but when you’re pregnant, you’re actually at a great risk.    
      And the best part, it’s not as tough as it sounds. All you have to do is listen to your baby. Whenever you feel thirsty, take water.  
      I don’t believe in the exact number of glasses, but 8 to 10 glasses of water are enough. To keep you motivated, the Gift for Pregnant Mom mug will be quite handy.   
      #8 Don’t miss any prenatal care check-ups.  
      Prenatal care is not a joke.  
      You gotta be serious about it.   
      Early prenatal care can lead to a healthy pregnancy. That’s not all; you have to go through the full-term phase (between 39 weeks (1 week before your due date) and 40 weeks.   
      As it’s a sensitive time (both for you & your child), you should be under the supervision of an obstetrician/gynecologist.
      Make it a priority.    
       #9 Educate yourself  
      Unlearning’ about birth is the foolish thing you can do in the pregnancy journey.  
      You’re under Doctor’s supervision; I know that but remember you’re in charge & it’s only you who is with your unborn 24/7. So, you are in charge. That’s why educating yourself is the best thing you can do. In the meantime, educate your partner or significant how to take care of a pregnant woman every day.  
      What should you stop doing when pregnant?  
      There is, of course, a certain thing you can’t do when you’re pregnant. Such as:  
      • Certain foods (Raw egg/meat, smoked seafood, Unpasteurized dairy etc.)  
      • Caffeine (Don’t have to quit fully, just limit the intake)  
      • High heels  
      • Kitty litter  
      • Hot tubs and saunas  

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