What Parents Ought To Know About How To Keep Baby Warm In Crib

Learn How To Keep Baby Warm In Crib & Say Goodbye To Your Messy Motherhood 

Most parents (especially first-time moms) are worried about how to keep their sweetheart warm while sleep. 

Here is why: 

When the precious one is with you, you can take care of it. But when baby is at the crib? 

Definitely, it is a very secure place, much safer than placing the infant next to the mom because that might result in the parents accidentally squeezing the baby. Besides, a baby crib comes with a soft mattress to sleep on, blankets to keep your precious little one warm.  

And a billion-dollar why it really matters....... 

An uninterrupted night sleep! 

That's right; you deserve a great sleep, sweetie. You can enjoy a night of better sleep as a first-time mom because you know that your baby is safe and warm in the crib.  

But don't know how to keep baby warm in crib?  

No worry. It's easier than you think. All you have to do is follow some simple rules. Let's see exactly how this works. 

Importance of keeping baby warm in Crib 

The crib is the best place for babies to sleep. 

So true! 

But the problem is, Newborn babies are not efficient as kids and adults to keep their body temperature at a moderate level.  

They have a smaller weight compared to their bodies' surface area, so for that reason, heat quickly loses from their bodies, and they become cold earlier. 

Fats in kids and adults body works as the temperature regulator and keep the body temperature moderate. But when it comes to babies, they do not have fats in their body to regulate their body temperature.  

Now listen: 

New-born infants and especially premature or sick babies face too much problem in regulating their body temperature. But if you succeed in maintaining their body temperature. It is suitable for their health and keeps them safe from Cough, Cold, temperature, and flu. 

The bottom line? 

When body temperature becomes low, the baby’s sleep will also disturb, and the baby will remain uncomfortable and restless all night.  Improper sleep also affects the baby’s health, so if you want to keep your baby healthy and comfortable, then keep babies warm in a crib.  

But it does not mean overheating; overheating is also risky for a baby’s health. A temperature level between 16 to 20 degrees centigrade is better for a baby. 

So How to keep the baby warm in crib? 

If your baby is sick or premature or there is cold outside, and you are looking for ideas about how to keep the baby warm in crib, then the following simple tips can help you a lot to keep your baby warm in the crib. 

  • Keep room temperature moderate. 

First & foremost........ 

Room temperature is one of the essential factors to keep your baby warm in the crib. Once you have maintained your room temperature, then it became easy for you to keep your baby warm in the crib. 

It would help if you kept your room temperature at a moderate level; it means neither too hot nor too cold.  

Experts recommend moderate room temperature that ranges between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. You should have a thermometer to check the room temperature between this range to ensure a middle and right temperature level in your room. 

  • Appropriately Dress up your baby. 

What do you expect girl? 

Your baby is fully naked yet warm?  


The most used method to keep your baby warm in the winter season at night in the crib is to dress the baby appropriately.   

You may need to change the diaper at night, so put on such thin-layer clothes easy to remove while changing the diaper. A simple guideline is that always dress your baby one excessive layer than you. 

But first warning....... 

Try to use such clothes that are easy to put on and remove layers. You surely need to keep your baby warm in the crib, but it does not mean overloading the baby, making it uncomfortable to sleep. 

  • Use Sleeping Bag or Swaddle 

If you feel your room temperature cold due to too cold temperature outside, then it is not enough to dress up your baby in one layer to keep the baby warm in a crib.  

What does this mean to you? 

So to ensure a comfortable and quality sleep all night, you should wrap the baby in the swaddling blanket. But if you do not have a blanket with you, you can also choose an affordable sleeping bag.  

I love the sleeping bag. Why? They are also excellent to keep your baby warm in the crib if your room temperature is colder than the recommended temperature. 

  • Keep your baby away from windows. 

Proper ventilation is also essential for the bay to ensure good health, but never keep your baby closer to the window. Always try to keep your baby away from drifty windows, air vents, outside walls, and fans. 

If you want to keep your room temperature moderate between 16 to 20 degrees, Celsius then keep windows and doors close to protect the room from entering cold air. When you open the windows are door, the air from outside enters quickly in the room. 

  • Use a quality Mattress. 

The crib's underside is also essential to keep warm; for that purpose, your mattress choice matters. Try to get a firm baby mattress and then cover the mattress with a protector sheet.  Never get the too soft stuff of mattress because they are also not much resistant against temperature. So we will recommend you avoid a softer mattress. 

How do I know if the baby is cold at night? 

While you keep your baby in the crib, there is the possibility that the baby may feel chilly at night, particularly in the winter season.  

Here are some simple tricks to know about a baby is actually chilled...... 

Some symptoms, such as frequent wake-ups and early risers, happen due to the baby's cold at night. But it is not a reliable method to check if the baby is hard at night or not. 

How do you know if the baby is warm enough at night? 

One of the most prevailing methods that people use to check if the baby is cold at night is to check hands and paws. You can also check the hands of the baby and feel if they are cold.  

But keep in mind....... 

Checking the paws is also not reliable because in newborn babies and babies less than six months, their hands and feet remain cold due to the slow circulatory system. You can use woolen gloves or socks to protect the baby's hands from freezing. 

The reliable way to check if your baby is cold at night is that check room temperature. It should be between 16 to 20 degrees. If your thermometer shows between the above ranges, check the baby's neck's backside; it is the body area where the baby loses heat.  

Another fact I want to mention especially......... 

Ensure the skin temperature should be moderate near the neck area. If cold, then take immediate precautions to protect your baby from cold. 

How can I keep my baby warm at night without swaddling? 

It is essential to keep your infant cozy and warm during the winter season to protect from cough, cold, and flu. But it is a big challenge for mothers to keep their infants comfortable and warm.  

There are many other ways to keep your baby warm at night without swaddling; some are given below. 

  • Appropriately dress up your baby; it does not mean overburden the baby. Try to wear cotton clothes and follow a rule that gives one extra layer for your baby than you. 
  • Maintain your room temperature between 16 to 21 degrees Celsius; it is one of the best ways to maintain a baby’s body temperature. 
  • Keep windows and doors properly closed; ensure there is no such way for the cold air to enter the room to lower down room temperature from recommended temperature level. 
  • Try to use a quality baby mattress that does not gain much heat or lose heat and keeps temperature moderate. 
  • If you want to keep your baby warm in the crib, then if there is cold weather outside before keeping your baby in the crib, preheat the crib up to the required temperature. 
  • The most crucial body parts that remain uncovered are hands, paws, and head, which cause your baby too cold in a crib. So make proper arrangements for covering the baby’s hands, head, and feet. But avoid wearing too warm clothes, because it may cause overheating which is also not good for their health. 

Should baby wear Socks to bed?  

We, mothers remain too worried about their baby’s health, which is a good thing to be concerned about for your child.  

And that's obviously for a good reason. 

But it does not mean you take too much care, such as to keep your baby warm even sometimes your action causes overheating, which is also wrong. 

To wear socks at night while your baby in bed is a good thing because it keeps their feet warm, unlike adult babies’ feet become cold too quickly. So it is a good thing to wear socks because research reveals that it improves blood circulation system and keeps body temperature moderate. 

It is also a tip when you search for ideas about keeping the baby warm in the crib to wear socks at night in the crib. But it would help if you had some precautions before putting on socks. Give a hot water bath, and after drying, the baby wears pre-warmed socks. 

Trust me. It’ll all be worth it. 

Never wear the socks if your baby's soles or palms are sweating. If the room temperature is acceptable and your baby’s hands, neck, and feet are warm, then never wear socks because it will cause overheating, which is also harmful. 

Check your baby’s feet and hands after one or two hours, ensure there is no sweat; sweat on feet or hands, and then remove the socks. 

How do you make a crib Cozy? 

If there is too much cold weather, then to keep your baby warm in the crib, it is better to consider the crib is preheating. It will make it easy for you to set the bed temperature moderate for your baby when you preheat the crib. Learn more.  

To keep your baby comfortable and ensure a good sleep, it is also necessary to consider factors such as body temperatures, sleeping surface, and sleep position. If you take the right initiatives, it keeps your baby warm and comfortable and decreases the risk of SIDS.  

So How do I keep my baby's bed warm? 

There are simple ways to make your baby's crib warm. Some easy ways to make your baby's crib friendly are given below. 

Make water warm in the oven, take it into the bottles, now place these bottles over the crib surface to make it warm. Place the bottles for at least 30 minutes to make the surface warm before putting your baby in the crib. 

Heating pads are also helpful to make your baby’s crib warm. Place heating pads over the surface and leave them for at least thirty minutes. But make sure the surface is not overheating. If it overheats, leave it for some time to cold and then keep your baby in the crib. 

You can also make your baby’s crib warmer by covering the surface with a blanket and at a moderate room temperature. After thirty to forty minutes, it will become more hospitable for the baby to sleep. 


The babies need to keep them warm in the crib at night than the adults. New-born babies are more sensitive, and their body also shows inadequate response against regulating temperature. If you don't pay attention to keeping newborn warm, it could cause severe issues for your baby. 

It is helpful to know about how to keep baby warm in crib. We have shared reliable information about how you can keep your baby warm in crib by different techniques. Some techniques such as pre-heating the crib, keeping the room temperature at a moderate level, appropriately dressing the baby, and using a quality baby mattress are helpful. 

But don’t just take my word for it.....Try them & see the result! 

Happy parenting! 


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