Who We Are

Cubzub is the ultimate destination that values the divine relationship of babies and the parents. A space of consciousness dedicated to giving your baby the best of the best.

Cubzub, in a word, is an inspiration.

From newborn to toddlers, to baby food to entertainment, the cubzub is a trusted source to make your parenthood satisfying.

At cubzub, we put you, parents first. And created this cubzub with one key goal, to give your child the best possible live they Deserve. Sustainability and be close to nature-that's what we practice to develop this platform.


The CUBZUB came in fruitarian in 2019, when our team found out that finding the best and safe product is damn tough.

Our aim is just not to create a new product line but also make a platform where all the parents can share their thought, ideas and tips for a better future of our babies.

And you know what?

The real struggle was picking the products and item which is fully safe for the baby.

The rest of the cubzub team is too—we're pretty much excited to explore new ideas and items to help you with your parenthood journey.

Now you know the story!!!!!

Our philosophy

Modern-day parenting is hell tough!

I got to maintain lots of stuff. Sounds familiar?

That's why we are here. Providing practical support and suggesting the top-quality baby item is mainly our main focus.

Why is this so?

So that as a new parent, you can take the decision with full trust. We design our blog and programs and processes to review and show a path as an unbiased person. Advice and tips for making you a ninja parent for wellness- that's what we can offer you.

We promised to

  •  Hypoallergenic Newborn product

The skin of a Newborn baby is the most delicate thing in the world.

So, picking the right product for them was the toughest part of our job. We actually undergo stringent testing back and forth to decide which one will be the safest. It includes the product line like wipes, soap bar, and bathing stuff for newborns. The reason behind this extra cautionary procedure is to handle the most sensitive first few days.

  • Be with you throughout the pregnancy journey

It's the most critical time.

I’m talking about the pregnancy time, especially the trimester. One of my friends/team members of cubzub is actually a gynecologist. So, she can help you with any pregnancy-related issues, including the consultancy of week-to-week baby’s development.

  • Cruelty-free, never tested on animal items

We, cubzub team member, are eco-friendly, and almost everyone has a pet. So, products tested on animals are just a nightmare to us. So, don’t expect anything tested on animal.

  • Discover world-class toddler care products

Make the babyhood as awesome as possible.


Here in cubzub, we pick and show baby items that will make your parenthood stress-free and smoother. We genuinely care, so you can trust us.

Specially the clothing, we try to offer the softest, eco-friendly organic clothing so that the delicate skin of babies and toddlers won’t get hurt.

  • Nursery setup at Ease

We think a nursery room should be fun and thoughtful.

Agree with us? Then don’t worry. From wall décor to storage and organizer, cubzub cover all that stuff. Carseat, furniture, air purifier, and clothes- we cover them all. So, worry, just order and make your baby's room a wonderland. Here at cubzub, you will find a good chunk of ideas and tips to decorate the baby's room as cute as possible.